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Uniconnect Flashing System

Uniconnect Flashing System

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Marque : Unitronic Performance Software and Hardware
DM Part # : UH007-TLA
Prix : CAD 194,99 $

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CAD 194,99 $ Uniconnect Flashing System

UniCONNECT is a programming solution which allows users to upgrade their vehicle right in their own garage. With the ability to upgrade the Unitronic Performance Software loaded onto their vehicle, flash back to stock, and log data while performing diagnostics, UniCONNECT is a complete end-user programming solution which allows full control over your vehicle.

Minimum System Requirements:
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP SP3
Internet Explorer 8
Screen Resolution: 1024x768

For optimal application performance:
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 or newer
Internet Explorer 9 or newer
Screen Resolution: 1024x768


UniCONNECT is available for purchase throughour Authorized Dealer Network and directly from Unitronic.
UniCONNECT is compatible with the following ECU platforms: 2002+ ME7.x, EDC16, MED9.x, SIMOS 8.4, MED17.x.x *


UniCONNECT gives you the freedom to effortlessly install your Unitronic Performance ECU and DSG Software from the comfort of your own garage.*


Quickly and Easily re-flash your ECU with Performance Software maps designed and specifically calibrated to suite the hardware and fuel modifications or fuel grade used.*


Gathering high resolution data is made easy with Unitronic’s pre-configured channel loadouts for fast and effortless troubleshooting and data logging.*


UniCONNECT makes it painless to revert your ECU back to it’s stock calibration within minutes.*


Read Diagnostic Trouble Codes to help diagnose issues and clear the MIL/CEL once you’ve resolved them.*


Enable optional advanced settings such as Launch Control or No Lift Shifting within minutes. Enable Gear display in MFG for DSG Software owners.*


* Existing Clients: If you're an existing client with Unitronic Performance Software already installed.

* New Clients: If you don't already have Unitronic Performance Software or are an existing client looking to install on another vehicle that is not already flashed with Unitronic Software

* Not applicable on upgrades and cannot be combined with any other promotion.

* Unitronic Performance Software sold in addition to UniCONNECT.

* Some exclusions apply. Only available for select engines. Contact Unitronic or a Unitronic Authorized Dealer for more information.

* Excluding MED17.5.2 ECU platform.

Applications :

Ce produit pourrait ne pas convenir pour tous les véhicules listés. S.v.p. vous assurer de la compatibilité pour votre application ou contactez-nous pour plus d'informations.

Volkswagen / Jetta / MK IV (1999-2005) / 1.8T
Volkswagen / Jetta / MK IV (1999-2005) / GLI 1.8T
Volkswagen / Jetta / MK V (2005-2010) / 2.0T
Volkswagen / R Models / Golf IV R32 (2004)
Volkswagen / R Models / Golf V R32 (2008)
Volkswagen / R Models / Golf VI R (2012-2013)
Volkswagen / CC / 2.0T (2009+)
Volkswagen / EOS / 2.0T
Volkswagen / New Beetle (1998-2010) / 1.8T
Volkswagen / Passat / B6 (2006-2010) / 2.0T
Audi / A4 / B5 (1996-2001) / 1.8T
Audi / A4 / B6 (2002-2004) / 1.8T
Audi / A4 / B7 (2005-2008) / 2.0T
Audi / Q5 / 2.0T
Audi / TT / MK I (1998-2007) / 180HP
Audi / TT / MK I (1998-2007) / 225HP
Volkswagen / Golf / GTI / Rabbit / MK IV (1999-2005) / 1.8T
Volkswagen / Golf / GTI / Rabbit / MK V GTI (2006-2009) / 2.0 TFSI
Volkswagen / Jetta / MKV GLI (2005-2010) / 2.0 TFSI

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